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Each Memorial Day Weekend, the news talks about how many people will be traveling to different locations. Most of that travel happens by car and that got me wondering how many vehicles there are in the United States. The visualizations below show the number of people, cars, and how many cars there are per person in the US.


Note to Mobile Data Users: If visualization is too compressed to enjoy with the vertical view, switch to the horizontal view. The visualization will adjust automatically.

Data Notes

The data for this visualization comes from two different sources. The first is United States Department of Transportation, which published a table containing the number of registered vehicle every year since 1990. The second data source is the Populations Estimates Program which is completed by the US Census Bureau. The estimate date of July 1st of each year was used since that is the date that is referenced in current tables. Information about that data can be found here.

After I found the data, I copied it into Excel and performed the per capita calculation. I then copied the data into a visualization creator at The site creates and hosts the data visualization.

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