What % of Your County Will Be Trick or Treating? (Percentage of Population Age 14 and Under)- Mobile Version



Ever wondered how popular trick or treating is where you live as compared to other places. Since we can’t think of many kids who didn’t want to go trick or treating we thought you could probably determine it based on the percentage of the population who is under 14. Some kids don’t start trick or treating right away and others will keep trick or treating to adolescence so we think it most likely evens out.

Whether or not you agree with that age, we would love to hear your opinion in our trick or treating survey after you check out the graphic below.

What of Your County Will Be Trick or Treating (Percenatage of Population Age 14 and Under)


The data for this visualization comes from the American Community Survey which is conducted by the US Census Bureau. The 5 year estimates were used and are located on table S0101 at American Fact Finder. The data was then manipulated in Excel to add three different age categories to find the total percentage of the population that is under 14 in each county. Finally, the data was presented in Tableau. The younger population counties are represented in orange, the older in black, and the total population of the county is represented by the size of the bubble.


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