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The American Community Survey, a survey conducted by the US Census Bureau, estimates that there are 21,003,247 government workers in the US. This amounts to about 14.6% of the 143,435,233 working Americans.
The visualization below displays these facts, as well as a map, bar chart, and whisker plot that allows you to see more detailed information on where these people work and where they live. Blue represents a higher then average concretion and orange represents a lower then average concentration.


How Many Government Workers Live in Your County
Top 10 Bottom 10 Gov Work

Data Notes

As noted above, the data from this visualization comes from the American Community Survey, which is conducted by the US Census Bureau. This along with a slew of other information is available at American Fact Finder. This information came from Table S2408. The 2010-2014 five year estimates were used for this graphic.

The data was edited in excel after it was downloaded to get the information we needed. The visualization was created in Tableau.

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