What Counties have the Most Millennials in each State?


See the Pen How Many Millennials Live in Each County of Every State? by R Chase Sawyer (@overflowds) on CodePen.

If you like this Data Visualization be sure to check out the Interactive Version.

Data Notes

For this visualization I categorized people 15 to 34 years old are as Millennials. I found that almost 27% of people in the US fall into this age group. While Most states did not significantly differ from this I found that their were a lot of variation in the counties, especially smaller counties. This visualization lets you explore that with the ability to filter by gender and highlight by geography.The data used in this visualization is compiled by the US Census Bureau. I used Table PEPAGESEX from American FactFinder to determine population counts by age. Once I had the data and the age groups I was going to use, I cleaned the data with Excel and used Tableau to create the visualization.

In addition to using Tableau and Excel, the website Codepen is used to host custom CSS and JS coding. The idea to do this came from Ben Sullins’ website. In a recent blog post, he explains how to use this coding and Tableau to create 50 state maps. I used this same idea to create the maps for how many Millennials are in each states. Be sure to check out his site for more great ideas on using Tableau, CSS, and JS.

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