How Many Fathers are Stay at Home Dads?



Happy Father’s Day! After looking through some data about dads, I decided the most interesting data I found was about the number of stay at home dads. The first graphic below shows the number of stay at home dads over time. I then checked to make sure that proportionally there was the same growth. As you can see from the graphic below, the number of stay at home dads is increasing. Their proportion of stay at home parents is also increasing at a similar rate.


Note to Mobile Data Users: If visualization is too compressed to enjoy with the vertical view, switch to the horizontal view. The visualization will adjust automatically. If you would like to see a static version of the visualization you can find it here.

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Data Notes

The data for this visualization comes from the US Census Bureau. Links to the source are included in the visualizations. After I found the data, I copied it into Excel and performed the proportion calculation. I then copied the data into a visualization creator at The site creates and hosts the data visualization.

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