What is the Ratio of Females to Male in Every US County?



Guys always seem to be looking for ways to increase their chances of meeting women. This leads to men resorting to various tricks to ensure they meet someone.

Recently, these ploys have recently taken a turn towards mathematics. Before heading out men want to ensure that there will be plenty of women around. Something more commonly referred to as “The Ratio”

We wanted to go ahead and help you out by showing you what counties in America have the best “Ratio”. You can sort it by age range and state so you can get the results that are most relevant to you.

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A quick look at the data shows us a couple of things. First, the idea the females live longer then definitely shows. As you change  the age range filter to older ranges, more and more counties have a higher female population then they do a male population.

The other point that stood out to us was something similar to the statistical principle of “regression towards the mean”. If you look that the states that have the largest female to male ratios, most of them have fairly small populations. If you look at larger counties though they are most likely to have ratios that are closer to 1:1. This is most likely due to the fact that the larger the number of people, the more likely it is that you will come across the expected result.

TLDR, If you want the highest female to male ratio as a man, don’t die early in life and find a smaller county to live in that has a more than ordinary number of females.

Is there something you saw in the data we didn’t see? Let us know in the comments below.

Interested in finding out what the ratio is on a city level? Let us know what state you would like to see next in this online poll.

Data Source

The information displayed above comes from the 2014 Population Estimates that are published by the US Census Bureau. These figures can be found on Table PEPAGESEX at http://factfinder.census.gov/.



  1. There appears to be an issue with the sorted list. Sumter county, AL lists a female ratio of 1.2206, yet it is not at the top of the sorted list.

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