IMDb Ratings for Every Episode of “The Office”


In my opinion, “The Office” is one of the best comedies ever. I wanted to see what everyone else thought so i transcribed all the data from IMDb so I could visualize it. Here you have IMDb data for every episode of “The Office” with visualizations of all the scores, special episodes, data on episodes with and without Steve Carell, and a breakout of scores by director. You can review the interactive graphic and quick facts below.

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Quick Facts


Highest Rated Episode: Finale, Season 9, IMDb Score 9.7
Lowest Rated Episode: The Banker, Season 6, IMDb Score 6.6


Highest Rated Season: Season 4, IMDb Score 8.571
Lowest Rated Season: Season 8, IMDb Score 7.822


Highest Rated Director: Harold Ramis  4 Episodes IMDb Score 8.675
Lowest Rated Director:
Claire Scanlon 2 Episodes IMDb Score 7.0
Most Episodes Directed:
Randall Eingorn 15 Episodes IMDb Score 8.053
Notable Directors:
J.J Abrams, 1 Episode, IMDb Score 7.6
Brian Cranston 1 Episode, IMDb Score 7.6


The data was taken from the IMDb pages about “The Office” ,entered into excel, and then visualized in Tableau Public. The excel file is available below.
The Office Data Set


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