How Much do Americans Sleep?



The CDC recently published a study detailing how much Americans sleep. The article states that:

“Among 444,306 respondents, 11.8% reported a sleep duration
≤5 hours, 23.0% reported 6 hours, 29.5% reported 7 hours, 27.7%
reported 8 hours, 4.4% reported 9 hours, and 3.6% reported
≥10 hours. Overall, 65.2% reported the recommended healthy
sleep duration.”

Below, I have created visualization detailing how much the average American sleeps using this information. I also used one of the studies tables to show what percentage of people are getting more than 7 hours of sleep a night in each state.


How Much Do Americans Sleep- (1)


The CDC is the source of the data for this study. The study can be found here.

Google Sheets and Tableau were used to create this visualization.

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