Fantasy Football Player Evaluation Tool



After the completion of our fantasy draft tool, we decided we needed to follow it up with something that would help throughout the rest of the season. The visualization below breaks down how each player is doing in the standard ESPN Fantasy Football League and should help you better understand the trends instead of just going with your gut.


[accordion title=”A Note for Mobile Users” load=”hide”]How to integrate mobile users in the visualization realm continues to be an issue for users and creators. At this current time we are only publishing desktop ready versions of our graphics. That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to see them. We just hope that you use the sharing features below to facebook, tweet, or email yourself the link so you can enjoy the visualization later.[/accordion]

Categories and Descriptions

Total Points Bar Graph

In this first graphic, you are able to see what every player has scored so far this season. It is sorted by who has the most points and is color coordinated by position. Clicking on a player’s bar will shift the output to that players.

Points Each Week

The focus point of our visualization is the bar graph of the number of points scored each week.

Descriptive Statistics

From our descriptive statistics window you can get a quick look the total number of points scored this season, the average number of point’s week, and the standard deviation for the number of points each week.


Below our line graph, we have filters for player, team, and position so you can focus down on the individual circumstance that you want to investigate. You can also just click on the players bar graph to filter the graphic as well.

Data Source and Methodology

All the data for this visualization comes from ESPN’s fantasy football page. It was copied and pasted into Microsoft Excel where is was manipulated to become usable. The data was then loaded into Tableau, visualized, and loaded to Tableau Public before hosting it on our website.


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