How old is “old”?



There have been multiple studies that show a person’s age effects what they perceive as “old”. I thought it would be cool to create a visualization that shows this by displaying the age of the respondent and the the age at which they perceive someone to be old. To do this, I published a survey in the subreddit, r/samplesizeBelow, you can find the survey, if you would like to take it and the visualization I created. The visualization has some basic distributions of the responses on one tab and a second tab has the heat map.


[accordion title=”If you want to take the survey before viewing the visualization, click here!” load=”hide”]



If you are having issues with the interactive visualization on your mobile device, click here for a static image.

Data Notes

To recap, the data for this visualization was gathered in google forms and linked to google sheets. The original respondents came from a survey posted on r/samplesize. Once I had the data I used Tableau to create the visualizations. If you would like the raw data you can find it here.

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