What Best Describes Your Relationship Status? Results



We were curious about the breakdown of relationship statuses in the Reddit community. To get and idea of this, we asked r/samplesize what their relationship status is using the relationship status categories found on Facebook. You can find the original survey here.

The visualization below shows our results. In addition to the relationship status, you can see how people answered the gender and location questions. When using your laptop or desktop, you are able to use these graphics as filters to see the results for each category. We have also included detailed filters below that you can use to locate more precise subcategories.

If you want to view the results in the Google Forms format, you can find it here.



The data for this survey came from an r/samplesize survey. The survey was started on February 14, 2016. responses were gathered until the 27th of February, but most responses are from Valentines Day.

Google forms, excel, and tableau were used to create this visualization.

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