What types of health insurance are used in each congressional district?



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Data Notes

The data for this visualization comes from the American Community Survey which is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. I used the Census Bureau API to pull the 2015 1 year estimate for the percentage of the population with private health insurance, public health insurance, and that are uninsured. Since someone can have public and private insurance the total of the three will not equal 100%. Once I had gathered the data, I used Tableau to create this visualization.

I have included the API code I used to pull the data below. The percentage of the population with private health insurance is represented by DP03_0097PE, public health insurance is represented by DP03_0098PE, and uninsured is represented by DP03_0099PE. You will need a free API key to access the data. You can find out more at the Census Bureau’s Developer Page.


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