How Often Did Americans Report Attending Church When Asked in January 2024?


Data Notes

In the past, attending church or religious services was something done by a near majority of households. In recent years, and especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic, church attendance has dropped throughout the US. This decline in church attendance has even been mentioned by the Surgeon General. His concern is that not attending religious services removes a common point of social interaction. This could possibly lead to loneliness, a major concern of the administration.

Leveraging data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, this data visualization explores how often adults attend church or religious services and how that can differ by household income, age, marital status, educational attainment, and other topics.

To gather the data, I utilized a Python script to scrape the Household Pulse Survey data from the Census Bureau’s FTP for Cycle 1 of 2024. I then visualized the data through Tableau.

Note: A previous version of this visualization had incorrectly labeled bins. That has been updated in this version.

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