Is citizenship related to political party preference?



Data Notes

Last week, I published a Tableau visualization that showed that there is a relationship between the percentage of the population that is White and political party preference. This week, I wanted to see if the same relationship existed with citizenship. After reviewing the data, a relationship does exist, but it is not as strong as the relationship with race and political party preference (R-Squared of .47 versus .37). There is likely a relationship between the two independent variables to consider as well.

The results of the national level analysis are presented below. You can get state level results by filtering the state and hovering over the tread line.

National Results
Equation: PVI = 1.76961*Not a citizen (%) + 11.7199
R-Squared: 0.367154 P-value: < 0.0001
U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2016 1-Year Estimates
Wikipedia, Cook Partisan Voting Index, 2016 Election Results

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