Christmas Survey Results – Interactive Visualization


[accordion title=”A Note for Mobile Users” load=”hide”]How to integrate mobile users in the visualization realm continues to be an issue for users and creators. At this current time we are only publishing desktop ready versions of our graphics. That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to see them. We just hope that you use the sharing features below to facebook, tweet, or email yourself the link so you can enjoy the visualization later. A mobile friendly version of this data is located here[/accordion]

Visualization Controls and information


Each one of the graphics can be used to filter the results of others. For example, we noticed that individuals that rated their excitement as a 10 were more likely to view Christmas as a religious holiday.

Average and Counts

These fields show the average response rating and count for the responses in the “How Excited Are You for Christmas?” Histogram. They will automatically update based on the filters that are applied.


You are able to filter the results by age so you can gauge how younger respondents differed from older ones.

Geographic Filters

We have added the ability to filter for states or groups of states. You are also able to do this for countries as well since we collected data from countries all over the world.

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